The name Aarogya Homeopathic College And Hospital Foundation is synonymous with excellence in higher education. The Foundation during the past –years of its glorious & meaningful existence has emerged as an “Organization of Excellence” offering remarkable contributions in the field of health education , apart from its contributions made in B.Ed. The professed aim and objective of the The name Aarogya Homeopathic College And Hospital are to impart quality and value based education to students medical Science.


To Create a Progressive Academic Environment for the Students to Achieve Quality Homeopathic Skills and become Innovative and Creative Professionals who can Contribute to the Development and Progress of the Society, Nation & World as a whole.


To Emerge as the Best Educational Institute for Homeopathic and Work for Excellence in Imparting Quality Education to the Students to Nurture their Inherent Talent as Innovative Professionals in Homeopathic field thereby making them Competitive to meet all the Future Challenges of Global Economy.